Against The Rules
Chapter 24
Volume 4, Chapter 24
Title Against The Rules
Anime episodes Virtual Bride
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Against The Rules is the twentieth-fourth chapter of the Btooom manga.


While Ryōta sorts through his party's BIMs, Himiko is checking out her cellphone. Ryōta asks Himiko if she cosplay after seeing her cellphone's wallpaper, a photo sticker of Himiko and Miho. Himiko kicks Ryōta's leg for intruding on her privacy. She states that she has no reason to tell Ryōta her name and reminds him that all men are her enemy.

Then, Ryōta asks Himiko about how she obtain all those BIMs and food. He reminds her that she cannot use BIMs without killing a player and asks her how many she had killed. When Taira is concerned, Ryōta explains that they have to determine Himiko's killing intent. He states that they don't know when Himiko could betray them. Himiko cries out that she had to protect herself.

Suddenly, a radar wave flashes by. Ryōta notes that it's far away and that none of them were detected. However, Himiko points out that she had been detected by the radar wave. When Himiko tells them that she will leave, Ryōta insists that he will act as decoy to lure the person away. Out in the forest, Ryōta finds fresh remains of a komodo dragon and traces of a camp. When Ryōta uses his radar, he detects Masashi at the last moment, dodging Masashi's knife.

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