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Aiko Serizawa
Aiko Serikawa.png
Vital statistics
Name Serizawa Aiko
Kanji 芹沢愛子
Gender Female
Age 22
Height Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Professional statistics
Occupation Unknown
Hometown Tokyo
Japanese VA Satou Azusa
English VA Kendall McCellan
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Aiko Serizawa (芹沢愛子 Serizawa Aiko) was a girl from the same class as Ryōta Sakamoto and Nobutaka Oda who makes her first appearance in Episode 10.


While in high school, Aiko is a plain yet beautiful girl with middle-long black hair that is kept in a ponytail, her hair is parted in the middle with some strands falling besides her face in the front, black eyes and ordinary glasses.

Her clothes is the school's uniform: a dark blue blazer, white shirt, a short skirt and a tie.


Aiko only appeared in the story in Ryōta Sakamoto's flashback in high school. There, she was the object of Sakamoto's affection. Even though he was in love with her, he didn't have the courage to confess to her. After Sakamoto told Nobutaka Oda about his feelings for Aiko, Oda insulted him being too naive and being an idiot. Oda explains that if Sakamoto is too passive, Aiko would be with someone else. The next day of class, Oda had sex with Aiko after she had confessed to Oda.[1] When her friends and Oda's girlfriend found out about it, she burst into tears in guilt and Sakamoto attacked Oda, partially because of Aiko.


Nobutaka Oda

Aiko has confessed her feelings for Oda. The two had sex. She feels guilty when her friends and Oda's girlfriend had found out about their affair.


  • The name Aiko means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Aiko's surname Serizawa means "celery" (芹) (seri) and "swamp" (沢) (sawa/zawa).


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