Chapter 12
Volume 2, Chapter 12
Title Apathy
Anime episodes Best in the World
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Apathy is the twelfth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Ryōta regains his senses and gets his mind back in the game. Meanwhile, Kira searches for Ryōta. When Kira tosses his Implosion BIM at Ryōta, Ryōta blocks it with his BIM bag and throws the bag upwards. With Kira's BIM supply running low, Kira uses his sonar to search for Ryōta only to find no response. Kira thinks Ryōta is standing still and hiding behind a rock. Suddenly from behind, Ryōta throws a Timer BIM at Kira. When Kira uses his sonar again, he finds no response. He quickly realizes that Ryōta is canceling his sonar wave with his. Running around Kira, Ryōta gets behind Kira and tosses a Cracker BIM. Kira's body lies in front of Ryōta. Ryōta is relieved that he didn't killed Kira, and he ties up Kira. Before leaving, Ryōta takes Kira's briefcase and BIM and leaves Kira some food. Kira asks Ryōta for his name. Once he realizes Ryōta is in the top ten, he laughs with glee.

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