Vital statistics
Name Arisa
Kanji アリサ
Gender Female
Age 15
Professional statistics
Occupation High school student
Hometown Moved away from Tokyo
Japanese VA Noriko Ueda
English VA Rachel Logue
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Arisa (アリサ Arisa) was Himiko's former close friend. After being subjected to rape by Yoshioka Seichiro and his band, she, along with Miho and Yuki, nominated Himiko to participate in the real-life Btooom! game.


Arisa is a plain-looking girl whose eyes sport small irides. Her hair is a light-brown, with a reddish tint, and is separated from the middle to sides of her head, exposing her forehead as a result. The length of her hair, however, almost reaches to her shoulders. Her attire consists of her high school's standard uniform: A white-collar shirt, with a small, tartan-patterned green tie, and a short, tartan-patterned green skirt. (In the anime, all tartan-patterned clothing is rendered green.)


Though not much is known of Arisa's personality, she has been shown to have a playful nature, especially toward Miho.


Arisa is first seen during a discussion with Himiko, Miho and Yuki, discussing about a nomination form that Miho had received yesterday. In later flashbacks, she is seen accompanying the three to Yoshioka Seichiro's house after Himiko managed to set up an invite to his house. After Himiko departs to buy snacks, Arisa is seen greeting Yoshioka along with the remaining two. Once Himiko arrives, Arisa is shown being raped alongside Yuki, with evidence of alcohol and physical abuse involved. Much later after the incidence, Arisa moves away from Tokyo, presumably due to the traumatic experience from the event. After much time passes, with the event having been already legally settled, Arisa agreed to nominate Himiko with the same nomination (propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award) form that Miho had shown in an earlier flashback.[1]



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