Chapter 08
Volume 2, Chapter 8
Title Awakening
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Awakening is the eighth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Sōichi asks Yoshihisa to stop beating his child while telling Kira to stand his ground against his father. He notes that Kira directs his fears of his father on other people and animals. He assures Kira that he will protect him. Meanwhile, Taira and Ryōta are running in the forest towards the briefcase. Yoshihisa finds the briefcase in a tree, and he grabs a BIM from his son. When Yoshihisa and Sōichi cannot activate the BIM, Yoshihisa orders Kira to do it. The BIM sucks in air violently before imploding, taking a chunk of the tree. After gazing upon the contents of the briefcase, Yoshihisa orders them to follow him if they want the food. When Sōichi asks him to split the food evenly, Yoshihisa tells him that only the strong survive here. Yoshihisa hears his son mutter a word and attacks his son by squeezing his groin. Kira slaps a BIM on his father's chest.

Then, the BIM implodes, taking Yoshihisa's life in an instant. With his father dead, Kira celebrates that he has finally fought back his father. He asks Sōichi if he will agree to protect him. Disgusted by Kira's actions, Sōichi runs away after calling Kira a monster. Kira wipes the blood from his face and finds Sōichi a liar.

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