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Ryōta's Timer BIM's in his bag

The BIMs are a special type of bomb in the Btooom! game. They were used in the online version of Btooom!, but were also used in the real-life Btooom! game.


The BIMs are usually made from a dark, unknown variant of dark, with a futuristic design. Of course, each BIM type has its own unique design. The BIM can only be activated by the original user. How this user is "modified" for the bombs is unknown, but the bombs do only need a fingerprint of this user. This means that other users can use these BIM as well, so long as they are activated by the original user's fingerprint and are then deactivated by that other player. Players of the real life Btooom! game keep their BIMs in specially designed bandoliers, accomodating the shapes of each BIM type they come with for storing and accessing with ease. These bandoliers can hold up to eight BIMs and are only used in the real-life game. In the online Btooom! game, players keep their BIMs in an attachment on their left arm and can hold up to eight BIMs.

Types of BIM

Throughout the game, there are several types of BIM that a player can use.

  • Cracker.png
    Cracker BIM, the most common BIM. A simple bomb that explodes on impact.
  • Timer BIM.png
    Timer BIM, a BIM that counts down from 10 seconds until it detonates. One can also adjust the BIM's timer to any second upon deactivation. With this BIM, timing is important in tactical usage.
  • Implosion BIM.png
    Implosion BIM, a spectacular BIM that sucks in its surroundings and then implodes. It is mostly used for destroying large, thick objects.
  • Blazing gas.png
    Blazing gas BIM, a BIM that spouts blazing gas when exploding. It is useful for exposing enemies in deep forest. The wind affects the distribution of gas.
  • Homing.png
    Homing BIM, a BIM that can lock-on and follow its target via a small propeller until coming into range and exploding. However, this BIM does not have a very high explosive capacity.
  • Remote Control.png
    Remote Control BIM, a BIM that can be detonated from a distance at a push of a button. It can be used as booby traps.
  • 1300°C Flammable Oil Splashing Flame BIM, a BIM that splits fire into four directions to corner an opponent

    1300°C Flammable Oil Splashing Flame BIM

  • Barrier BIM, a BIM that protects the user with a barrier.