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Best in the World

~ 世界ランカー ~

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Episode Four
Air date October 25, 2012
Manga chapters 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Best in the World (世界ランカー) is the fourth episode of the Btooom! anime.


The police take pictures of a grisly rape scene. The man reads a report about Kira who killed and raped three women. He informs his partner that Soichi is going to be Kira's lawyer and that Kira is laughing inside the room. On day 2, Soichi finds Kira killing frogs. Soichi explains to Kira that it's bad to kill living things for fun. Kira wonders why it's wrong when it isn't bothering anyone. Then, the two spot an airplane passing by and dropping a briefcase. Moments later, Yoshihisa, Kira, and Soichi find the briefcase in the tree. Kira's father kicks Kira and takes Kira's BIM. When it doesn't work, Yoshihisa has his son activate the BIM. When Soichi asks Yoshihisa to split the food, Yoshihisa reminds him that the strongest survive here.

When Yoshihisa hears Kira mumbling, he grabs Kira's groin and squeezes it. As Kira recalls his father kicking him for ditching school, Kira slaps his BIM on his father's chest. Kira marvels over the first time he has fought back his father as he shares with Soichi. Kira asks Soichi if he will be with him. Soichi freaks out and calls Kira a freak before running off in fear. Then, Ryōta and Taira arrive on scene and discovers Kira. When Ryōta fails to talk Kira, Kira takes his father's BIMs. Ryōta and Taira make a run for it. Ryōta confronts Kira to buy some time for Taira to escape. Both Ryōta and Kira watch each other moves by using radar. Meanwhile, Taira takes the IC chip from Yoshihisa's body. Kira chases Ryōta and jumps down the rocky hill. He almost gets hit by the Ryōta's Timer BIM. Kira throws his Implosion BIM. Ryōta manages to avoid getting hit by it by throwing his bag at it. Kira heckles Ryōta and locates him when Ryōta talks back. He manages to hit Ryōta with his BIM. Ryōta snaps himself out and blocks Kira's Implosion BIM with an empty pouch. Kira gets hit by Ryōta's Timer BIM and cannot sense where Ryōta is using his radar. He realizes that Ryōta is canceling his radar with his own radar at the same time. Ryōta gets behind Kira and tosses a Cracker BIM at him. He sees Kira is still alive and freaks out at what he was going to do.

After the credits, Ryōta regains his composure and ties Kira on a tree. Ryōta also has taken his BIM bag and supplies case and left, but not without revealed his name to the boy. Upon learned that he was ranked in the top 10 worldwide on the online game Btooom!, Kira gets highly excited with this.

Major Events

  • Kōsuke Kira's backstory is revealed.
  • Death of Yoshihisa Kira.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Due to graphic depiction of Kousuke raping three women he just murdered, the anime instead showed its aftermath (the victims' bloodied corpses were partially shown among the grass with the police investigating the scene) before being cut to two detectives discussing about the boy's crime in the police station.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kōsuke Kira
  2. Yoshihisa Kira
  3. Soichi Natsume
  4. Ryōta Sakamoto
  5. Kiyoshi Taira