Chapter 19
Volume 3, Chapter 19
Title Betrayal
Anime episodes Night of Sacrifice
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Betrayal is the nineteenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


With Taira's leg in bad shape, Ryōta carries Himiko and tells Taira that they have to find somewhere safe to stay for the night. As Taira leads the way along the stream, Taira asks Ryōta why he didn't abandoned him and Himiko. Taira notes that he was scared of being abandoned and that Himiko had said the truth. Taira admits that he did everything he could to please his company in order to provide support for his family. Ryōta promises Taira that he won't abandon him.

Suddenly, a komodo dragon leap in front of Taira. With Taira gone, Ryōta frantically calls out for Taira. He assumed Taira had abandoned him since he had all of the supplies. When cornered by a komodo dragon, a Homing BIM swoops by and kills the komodo dragon. Ryōta realizes that they must have canceled each other's sonar. Taira cheers up Ryōta who blames himself for thinking ill of Taira.

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