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Blazing Gas BIM
Blazing gas.png
Vital Statistics
Name Blazing Gas BIM
Kanji 烈火ガス BIM
Btooom! Statistics
Known User(s) Ryōta Sakamoto
Tsubone Kasuga
General Use Large-scale attacks and luring enemies
Destructive Power ★★★☆☆

The Blazing Gas BIM is a BIM type bomb that is used in both the online and real life game Btooom!.


The Blazing Gas BIM takes the form of a small cylinder, resembling a soda can. On top, there is a switch that can be pressed with the user's thumb. A signal light on the sides indicates the activation. Applying a certain amount of pressure around the area of the signal light removes the cover of the BIM, revealing the explosives inside. By using this technique, the BIM can be then used without the threat of disabling from the Tyrannos Japan safety lock system.


After pressing the switch and throwing the BIM, the cover will immediately open and release chemical-filled capsules. The capsules will then release chemicals into the surrounding area, which, when exposed to the air, will combust and produce a deadly gas that will kill everything exposed to it, whether it be plants, animals or humans.