Btooom! is an online game that was made into reality by Tyrannos Japan.

Online game

Basic information

  • Online game players

    Btooom! online players

    Developer: Tyrannos Japan
  • Publisher: Tyrannos Japan
  • Genre: TPS (Third-Person Shooter)
  • Price: 7329 ¥
  • Age restriction: 18+
    (Note: Even though the restriction is 18, Himiko and Kōsuke Kira played it as well)
  • Online play: 1 person
  • System link: 2-32 persons
  • Other: LIVE Vision Support


Sakamoto online Btooom

A screenshot of Btooom!, featuring Sakamoto

The online game Btooom! was developed by Tyrannos Japan for the DXBOX 720 (an obvious pun on Xbox 360). It is a science-fiction, third-person "shooter" that involves killing your opponents with bombs, known as BIM. In System Link, up to 8 teams can fight at the same time. The players must use their radars to detect and foil the opponents. The most common game in Btooom! is Battle Royale.

BIM are distributed randomly at the beginning. If you kill an opponent, you get his BIM. Knowing all kinds of BIM is vital, as it is very important how a players uses them.

The game has multiple maps, such as a construction site, city ruins and a still populated city.[1] Smart players use their surroundings and BIM to trap their opponents and then kill them.


Up to now, there have been three types of game characters seen in Btooom!

  • Sakamoto and Himiko in Btooom!

    Sakamoto and Himiko as their Btooom! characters

    Male, type 1: The most common and most seen type. This is the form that Sakamoto prefers when playing. The dark display with the player's number is on the character's forehead. A part of the face can be seen and the dark shades only cover the eyes.
  • Male, type 2: Another type of character. This type of player has a round helmet, with a large screen. The display is at the back of its head. A known player who uses this kind of suit is Kōsuke Kira.
  • Female: The female character is very personalized. It looks like a robotic version of the character the gamer wants it to be. It doesn't have any pupils and the face and hair are choseable. Himiko appears in Btooom! as a female character.

BIM types

Main article: BIM


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