Deep, Heavy
Chapter 04
Volume 1, Chapter 4
Title Deep, Heavy
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Deep, Heavy is the fourth chapter of the Btooom manga.


As Ryōta gazes upon Yoshiaki's dismembered corpse, he finds Yoshiaki's BIM bag, two of them. Recalling his interview with Īda at the Tyrannos Japan, Īda wants Ryōta to be their game tester for the new game, Btooom. Ryōta asks Īda if he can work as a staff member. However, Īda informs Ryōta that their budget is tight and tells him to wait a bit.

At home, Ryōta's mother, Yukie Sakamoto, finds Ryōta playing game. Yukie informs Ryōta that Uncle Kazu has a job over at the Udon shop. When Yukie mentions that her son should look for a job instead of working at Tyrannos Japan, Ryōta throws his controller at the wall out of frustration. By the river, Ryōta wakes up from his dream and spots a beautiful girl washing her body. When the two exchange glances, the girl runs away from Ryōta. Ryōta tries to ask the girl, but he loses her in the forest. Ryōta uses his IC chip to locate the girl. Instead, he finds a middle aged man, who is doing his business in the bush.

Chapter Notes

  • Ryōta's past is revealed.

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