Extra: Author's Rant
Chapter 14.5
Volume 2, Chapter 14.5
Title Author's Rant
Anime episodes N/A
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The Bloody High School Girl
The Lure of Blood

Extra: Author's Rant is a bonus feature in the Btooom manga.


Taira and Ryōta go over how to use their sonar. Ryōta states that this technology is similar to the Btooom! video game like an advanced Famicom. Ryōta brags that Kira wasn't good enough to beat him, but he admits that man with the sunglasses was more brutal. Taira senses someone behind the wall, and he realizes that Ryōta wasn't detected. Ryōta explains that the sonar cannot detect immobile objects. Ryōta debriefs Taira about tactics and such. When Taira goes out for a test run, he gets ambushed by Himiko and Kira. Taira dismisses strategies and chases Himiko and Kira.

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