Extra: Author's Rant
Chapter 22.5
Volume 3, Chapter 22.5
Title Author's Rant
Anime episodes N/A
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Fading Reality

Extra: Author's Rant is the 2nd bonus feature, located in volume 3, in the Btooom manga.


Junya Inoue introduced himself. He explained that he started out as a mangaka in 2001 after a 10 year career in the video game industry as a graphic director. As a graphic director, he created or edits images of characters, stages, and bosses, it's similar to a mangaka's occupation. When he left to work on Btooom, a video game came out in Japan, Death Smile IIX. The Xbox 360 game's gory scenes combined with illustrations of cute female characters inspire him to work harder on his Btooom work.

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