Eyes in the Dark
Chapter 17
Volume 3, Chapter 17
Title Eyes in the Dark
Anime episodes Attack
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Fierce Attack

Eyes in the Dark is the seventeenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Himiko's recent statements cause Ryōta and Taira some panic, but she confirms it. When Taira mentions he and his family bonds are close, Himiko asks him if anyone had a grudge against him. Taira recalls he had a dispute with a client at work about a month ago. Ryōta asks Himiko where she learned that information. As Himiko recalls Miho, Ryōta tries to figure out who nominated him. He assumes his mother had chosen him to die. Despite what Himiko had said, Taira exclaims that they are alive and will survive to get off this island. They will rebuild their relationships and improve themselves. Then, Ryōta hears something in the bush, and when he uses his radar, there is no one there. Though, it turns out that their intruders are komodo dragons once Taira uses his flashlight and the fire to increase visibility.

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