Fading Reality
Chapter 23
Volume 4, Chapter 23
Title Fading Reality
Anime episodes Night of Sacrifice
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Fading Reality is the twentieth-third chapter of the Btooom manga.


Ryōta shares how as a child, he excel at studies and sports if he puts his mind to it. When he discover the world of gaming, he got sucked in. As a result, his grades plummeted. Even during his parents divorce, he didn't pay attention to the outside world and continue playing his video games. After attending Īda's celebratory party at the diner, Yukie asks her son what he will do after graduation. Ryōta replies that he will attend vocational college, so he can earn a degree to enter the video game industry. During college, Ryōta cannot pass his classes and drops out of school. He works part time as a cashier, but he didn't adapt well. When Ryōta overhears his co-workers commenting on whether firing Ryōta, it leaves Ryōta frustrated. Arriving home, he ignores his mother and takes out his frustration on her and isolates himself in his video game.

He always views the video game world his happy place because everyone accepts him with praise on his accomplishments. Suddenly, his world crashes when Hisanobu cut off the internet. When Hisanobu asks Ryōta to face reality, Ryōta punches his step-father. In a violent tantrum, Ryōta takes out his anger and destroys some of the furniture. Then, his flashback turns into a nightmare when his mother slits Ryōta's wrist. Yuki asks her son to die with her. Ryōta wakes up from his nightmare. He concludes that his nightmare is distorting his perception of reality and that this place makes forget the outside world. Meanwhile, Himiko notices Ryōta's condition around the corner.

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter reveals more Ryōta's past: his relationships with his parents and his love of video games.

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