Fierce Attack
Chapter 18
Volume 3, Chapter 18
Title Fierce Attack
Anime episodes Night of Sacrifice
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Eyes in the Dark

Fierce Attack is the eighteenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Ryōta and Taira realize their BIMs are where the komodo dragons are. The two carry Himiko in the river, knowing that the komodo dragons cannot swim. Ryōta tells Taira to take care of Himiko and distract the lizards with flashlights while he tries to get the BIMs. While Taira and Himiko are surounded by the lizards, Ryōta seizes one of the BIM bags and tries to throw a Cracker BIM at the lizards to save Taira and Himiko. Though, he realizes that these BIMs are Kira's. When Taira tries to kick one of the komodo dragons, his leg gets bit by one of them. Ryōta blasts the lizard with his BIMs, but he finds himself too late.

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