Chapter 11
Volume 2, Chapter 11
Title Haze
Anime episodes Best in the World
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Haze is the eleventh chapter of the Btooom manga.


While Taira pulls out the IC chip from Yoshiaki's corpse, Ryōta and Kira duke it out the woods. Though, Kira has the clear advantage when Ryōta continues to flee from Kira. As Ryōta contemplates on how to stop Kira, Kira finds his battle with Ryōta boring. Suddenly, a Timer BIM, that was embedded in the rocks, detonates near Kira. Struck by shards of rocks, Kira remains unfazed by Ryōta's trap. Kira throws his Implosion BIM at Ryōta, and his BIM manages to suck Ryōta in. In the nick of time, Ryōta struggles to throw his bag at the BIM and detonating it.

Disappointed that Ryōta is still alive, Kira yells to Ryōta to be more serious and points out that they both played Btooom!. Kira taunts and provokes Ryōta in attacking him. Then, he spots Ryōta and throws a BIM at him. When Kira insults Ryōta as a NEET, Ryōta throws a Cracker BIM at him out of frustration. Kira now learns all of Ryōta's BIMs. Meanwhile, Ryōta loses sight and wonders if this really is a game.

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