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Heitaro Togo
Heitaro Togo.jpg
Vital Statistics
Name Heitaro Togo
Kanji 東郷 平太郎
Gender Male
Age 45
Height 170 cm
Blood Type A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Police Officer (Former)
Hometown Kagoshima
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased
BIM Type Barrier BIM, Timer BIM, Homing BIM
Kill(s) 4[1][2]
Japanese VA
English VA
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Heitaro Togo is the leader of a group of 4 people including himself. He seems to be knowledgeable about how to corner and trap their target.


Heigaro Togo is a muscular man in his mid 40's.



  • Kōsuke Kira: Despite that Kira had killed one of Heitaro Togo's teammates, Heitaro welcomes Kira into his team because he recognizes Kira's strengths. Unlike Kira's father, Heitaro treats Kira with respect and in turn, Kira sees him as a father figure.[3]
  • Yoko Higuchi: It seems that he is impotent as he admitted it when he refused the advances of Yoko.[4]


He used to be a police but he quit his job due to unknown reasons.


Heitaro and his group are planning to wipeout every on the island. The total number of people on the island is 32 and the number of chips needed to leave is 8(including the owner's). 32(players) ÷ 8(chips) = 4(living players) That is the reason why he has decided that by forming a group of 4(which is the largest that can be formed) is they will have the highest chance of surviving by working together.

It seems what he says in his team is absolute and they all must obey him. By trusting their lives to him, he will risk his life to protect his teamates lives. [5]

Equipment and skills


  • Barrier BIM
  • Timer BIM
  • Homing BIM

Physical capabilities



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