Hikaru Soga
Hikaru Soga.png
Vital Statistics
Name Hikaru Soga
Kanji 蘇我 ひかる
Gender Male
Age 25[1]
Blood Type O
Professional Statistics
Occupation Street Dancer[2]
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased [3]
BIM Type Cracker [4]
Kill(s) 1 [5]
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Hikaru Soga is one of the Btooom! players, part of the group nicknamed "Sanctuary".


Hikaru and his Sister.jpg

Hikaru Soga is someone who put's others before himself. That was shown when he chose being by his comatose sister's side at the hospital over preforming with his group and being able to be on T.V.[6]


Before the start of the manga. Soga was in a dance group. They had just gotten the chance to be on TV. So, they practiced day and night. Then one day he got a phone call that his little sister Kanae was in a car accident. Since his Father and Brother worked a lot Soga felt that it was up to him to look after his sister who was in critical condition and in a coma. However, his friends got tired of him canceling on them for practice and gave his spot to someone else. Kanae had passed without ever waking up. After words he tries to join back up with his friends. However his friends didn't want him back in the group and said that the person who replaced him was a better dancer. That set him off and most likely what got him sent to the island.[6]

Equipment and skills


Physical capabilities

Hikaru Soga has a good speed and stamina, because of his previous experience as a street dancer.

Intellectual capabilities



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