Hitoshi Kakimoto
Hitoshi Kakimoto
Vital Statistics
Name Hitoshi Kakimoto
Kanji 柿本 人志
Gender Male
Age 27
Professional Statistics
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased
BIM Type Cracker BIM
Kill(s) 0
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Hitoshi Kakimoto is a minor player of the live-action Btooom! game. He was allied with Hidemi Kinoshita before the latter betrayed him when they were attacked by a group of komodo dragons. [1][2]


A bespectacled young adult, Hitoshi has short black hair. He wears typical salaryman attire: a long-sleeved, buttoned-up shirt; a black coat, which he is seen carrying; a black tie; black pants, with a belt; and black dress shoes. A Btooom! player, Hitoshi carries a bandolier and has an IC chip implanted in his left hand.


Hitoshi is trusting and arguably naive.


  • Hidemi Kinoshita — Hitoshi and Kakimoto were allies. Although Hitoshi attempted to protect her, his goodwill was not reciprocated.


On the fourth night, Hitoshi and Hidemi are seen fleeing from a group of komodo dragons. He suggests they climb a nearby cliff to flee from them. Once there, he waits for the komodo dragons to gather before throwing a BIM at them. However, his eye is damaged by a rock sent from the explosion. Bleeding, he asks Hidemi for help, who betrays him instead by pushing him off the cliff. When questioned, she replies that she is playing the game. He is then attacked by the komodo dragons before being killed by one of Hidemi's timer BIMs.[3][4]

Equipment and skills

Cracker BIM

  • Threw them at the enemy.
  • Observed amount used: 1.
  • Used one during his encounter with a group of komodo dragons.
  • Taken by Hidemi at post-death.

IC chip

  • Taken by Hidemi at post-death.



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