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Homing BIM
Vital Statistics
Name Homing BIM
Kanji ホーミング BIM
Btooom! Statistics
Known User(s) Kiyoshi Taira
Masahito Date
General Use Target tracking
Destructive Power ★☆☆☆☆

The Homing BIM is a BIM type bomb that is used in the online and real life game Btooom!.


The Homing BIM is a small, round bomb with two wings attached to it. The wings are at least double the size of the bomb and are folding propellers. When they unfold, the BIM looks like a small fly.

The bomb itself has a monitor and switch on one side and a sensor and camera on the other side. The monitor is a small screen that projects what the camera and sensor see on the other side.


Similar to a digital camera, this BIM can lock onto a target, thereafter traveling using its propeller while following the target. Due to the flight mechanism, there are fewer explosives within, which makes it less deadly. That said, this BIM can detonate immediately after contact with the target, so even if the amount of explosives is low, it can deliver serious blows.


The propellers can be attacked and broken easily without activating the bomb. Also if anybody other than the target catches the BIM it will be deactivated as the Homing BIM can only target one person.