IC chip

Sakamotot's IC chip

The IC chips are both radars and sonars used in the real life version of the Btooom! game. Every Btooom! player has one of these.


The IC chips are implanted in the player's left hand, and can only be removed when that player is dead. The ultimate goal of the Btooom! game is to collect 8 of these chips and only then will that player be allowed off the island.


An IC chip is an oval glass that is embedded into a Btooom! player's left hand. When it is used, it shines a blue-ish green light. According to Ryōta Sakamoto, the IC chip feels chunky, but doesn't inflict pain.[1]


IC chip operation

Sakamoto using his IC chip

The IC chips are mainly used for locating opponents. When a Btooom! player puts some strength in his left middle finger, the IC chip will be activated and an outgoing sonar will spread itself in a circle around the user. When that sonar detects another IC chip (so another Btooom! player), the user will get the feeling of that player's presence and know his location.[2]

But on the other hand, when a player gets detected, he feels this as well. So the located player will know that he has been exposed, so he also knows that someone is trying to locate him.

Also, when a Btooom! player is not moving, he cannot be detected.

In short, a wave will go out of the chip and any opponent in the area will be detected by the chip user, but reveals the user's presence as well.


IC chip counter

Sakamoto and Kōsuke Kira's IC chips countering each other

When two IC chips are used at the same time, their sonar waves will cancel each other out. They hit each other at the same time and stop working due to interference.[3] This can be used by Btooom! players in battle, so that the one player won't know where the other is located.

Early chip collections

Beware of spoilers ahead!

The picture used in the character gallery (I don't know which is its source, unfortunately; it may be related to the anime, for it describes the situation as very close to the end of its first season) describes the character relationships at some point after chapter 39 but before chapter 51. It features 18 characters in all, with non-sequential numbering (and in one case, a label that is not an actual number). It is a convenient framework to describe the known IC chips and their collecting until that point.


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