Implosion BIM
Implosion BIM
Vital Statistics
Name Implosion BIM
Kanji 爆縮 BIM
Also Known As Mega Hole Type
Btooom! Statistics
Known User(s) Kōsuke Kira
General Use For destruction of land and hard, physical objects.
Destructive Power ★★★★★

The Implosion BIM is a BIM type bomb that is used in both the online and real life game Btooom!.


The Implosion BIM is essentially a small, semi-spherical BIM with a flat, circular surface on the bottom which boasts a width wider than the semi-spherical part of the BIM. The surface is used to stick the bomb to certain objects. At the top of the bomb, there is a small light that indicates where the switch is located. The top of the BIM is covered by metal which retracts into the BIM itself once the BIM has been activated, revealing a vacuum.


After pressing the switch, it immediately goes into installation mode. At that time, the back of the bomb will become a suction device, which can be used to attach to the wall or the ceiling. A few seconds later, the slide cover will open and enter vacuum mode, at which time the BIM will start to suck in surrounding air and dust. Shortly afterwards, when its vacuum mode reaches the critical stage, the resulting void explosion can destroy almost anything within its vicinity.