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Kenya Uesugi
Kenya Uesugi.png
Vital Statistics
Name Kenya Uesugi
Kanji 上杉 謙也
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 173 cm[1]
Blood Type AB
Professional Statistics
Hometown Tokyo[1]
Btooom! Statistics
Status Active
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Kenya Uesugi is a player in the real-life Btooom! game, and a member of Heitaro Togo's alliance.


Kenya Uesugi is a young man (in his mid 20s) with a slim-to-athletic build.


Kenya has a slightly cynical, direct, uncomplicated personality. His view of women, or at least of Yoko Higuchi, seems to be fairly objectfying.


  • Kōsuke Kira
  • Heitaro Togo
  • Yoko Higuchi: He is aware of Yoko Higuchi's former work as an adult video actress and makes no effort to hide how that excites him. He usually addresses Yoko as "Ichiyo-San", playfully but with little consideration for her as a person.
  • Shigemasa Kusunoki



Heitaro's group are planning to wipeout every on the island. The total number of people on the island is 32 and the number of chips needed to leave is 8(including the owner's). 32(players) ÷ 8(chips) = 4(living players) That is the reason why he has decided that by forming a group of 4(which is the largest that can be formed) is they will have the highest chance of surviving by working together.

Equipment and skills


Cracker BIM[1]

Physical capabilities