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Kiyoshi Taira
Kiyoshi Taira.png
Vital Statistics
Name Kiyoshi Taira
Kanji 平 清
Gender Male
Age 51
Height 164 cm
Blood Type A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Real estate agent
Hometown Ōsaka
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased
BIM Type Homing
Kill(s) 0
Japanese VA Tōru Ōkawa
English VA Andrew Love
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Kiyoshi Taira was one of the Btooom! players. He partnered up with Ryōta and Himiko until he went mad and betrayed them, which led to his suicide.


Taira is a slightly overweight, middle-aged man. He has a round head and a high forehead. His eyes are quite small. His hair is black and spikey and he also sports a moustache.

He wears a white button up shirt with the collar buttons left unbuttoned. His sleeves are mostly rolled up. He also wears grey pants and black shoes.


Taira is a loving parent and husband, but describes himself as "a monster" at work. Though, he mistreats his subordinates and abuses loopholes in the law.

In the Island, he quickly establishes friendly relationships with everyone he meets, generally being uplifting and optimistic despite a string of injuries and extended periods of being left behind and neglected by his friends and allies.


  • Ryōta Sakamoto: Ryota is Kiyoshi's first ally, distrustful at first, Kiyoshi became thankful to him.
  • Himiko
  • Masahito Date: Date finds Taira on his own[1] and treats him at a critical point, achieving considerable trust from the feverish man.[2] He is very disappointed and confused when he later learns from Ryota and Himiko that Date is not trustworthy.


Taira was a hard working family man, but was extremely harsh to his subordinates at work and willingly engaged in illegal activities for his company.


Taira is first seen when Ryōta bumps into him in a bush where Taira is doing his "business."[3] Taira begs Ryōta to let him live. Afterwards, Taira explains to Ryōta what happened to him and the other participants before they landed on Btooom Island.[4] Before Taira and Ryōta become partners, Ryōta asks Taira to reveal his BIM. Taira declines and explains that it's better for them not to show their trump cards.[5][6]

Later on, he gets bitten and infected by a komodo dragon on his right leg while trying to protect Himiko who is unconscious.[7][8] After being left behind by Ryōta several times while being injured and poisoned,[9][10] he gives into his delusions of his family telling him to survive.[11] He attacks Ryōta and Himiko who arrive at the abandoned communications tower.[12] After failing to kill them, he runs away. While running away he falls and rolls down right nearby in front of 3 giant komodo dragons. He realizes that he only has one BIM left, and he takes his own life to pay for his sins.[13][14]

Equipment and skills

Taira collects both Yoshihisa Kira's[15] and Mitsuo Akechi's IC chips[16]. Both chips and his own are later transferred to Ryota and Himiko.


Homing BIM

Physical capabilities

Since Kiyoshi is middle-aged and overweight, he has little endurance and tires from running easily.


  • He is one of the two people who died of suicide, the other one was Tsubone Kasuga. While Kasuga did it on accident, Taira did it on purpose.


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