Machiko Ono
Machiko Ono
Vital Statistics
Name Machiko Ono
Kanji 小野 マチコ
Gender Female
Age 80
Blood Type A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Housewife
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased
BIM Type Remote Control
Kill(s) 0
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Machiko Ono is a player of the live-action Btooom! game. She is part of the group nicknamed "Sanctuary". Her death puts the whole group under suspicion of murder.[1]



An elderly woman, Machiko Ono is quiet and shows signs of senility, often confusing acquaintances for others.


  • Ryōta Sakamoto — Ryōta was a part of Sanctuary for a while. Machiko mistook Ryōta for Tatsu, her older brother, who apparently fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal in World War II. This confuses Ryōta, however, Shoko explains Machiko's senility to him.
  • Mikio Yanagida — The two were affiliated with Sanctuary. Mikio, however, killed Machiko in order to obtain her BIMs as they were useful for cornering opponents and because her senility made her an easy target.
  • Shoko Kiyoshi — The two were affiliated with Sanctuary. Shoko took into consideration of Machiko's senility, though she did so rudely. After discovering Machiko's body first, Shoko was shocked.
  • Kaguya — The two were affiliated with Sanctuary. Kaguya later attempts to channel Machiko's spirit to find the murderer's identity, though she fails to.
  • Toshiro Amakusa — Toshiro was the leader of Sanctuary, which Machiko was affiliated with. After Kaguya fails to channel Machiko's spirit, Toshiro removes Machiko's spirit from Kaguya's body by chant.
  • Hikaru Soga — The two were affiliated with Sanctuary.
  • Katsutoshi Shibata — The two were affiliated with Sanctuary.


On the sixth day, Machiko attempts to obtain a supply package alongside Sanctuary (minus Kaguya). Shortly after Hikaru Soga obtains the supply package, an argument breaks out between Shoko Kiyoshi and Katsutoshi Shibata over item distribution. However, Toshiro Amakusa breaks up the fight. The group then returns to their base.

Shortly after the group encounters Ryōta Sakamoto, they have a discussion over Ryōta's failed hijacking plan and their current situation. During the discussion, Machiko mistakes Ryōta for Tatsu.

Sometime after the group splits up to carry out their individual tasks, Mikio Yanagida strangled Machiko and leaves her IC chip behind. Her body is later found by Shoko and then by the whole group. Later, Kaguya, accompanied by Toshiro, attempts to channel Machiko's spirit at her grave. However, it fails, resulting in Toshiro having to remove her spirit by chant.

Equipment and skills

Remote Control BIM

  • Observed amount used: 0.
  • Obtained by Mikio at post-death.

IC Chip

  • Buried with her at post-death. Later obtained by Ryōta's alliance.


  • She is the oldest known real-life Btooom! player at the age of 80.


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