Make-Believe Wife
Chapter 27
Volume 4, Chapter 27
Title Make-Believe Wife
Anime episodes Virtual Bride
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Make-Believe Wife is the twentieth-seventh chapter of the Btooom manga.


In a flashback, Ryōta and Himiko celebrate their wedding in Btooom! video game. Despite how Ryōta remarks how physical relationship doesn't match up to their virtual wedding, Ryōta longs to meet Himiko in person. Himiko replies that they should not and that this is good enough for both of them, and in addition, she prefers Ryōta the way he is now.

Ryōta wakes up from his dream and find himself in a tree on the cliff side. He then makes his way up to where Kiyoshi was and find him suffering from his dismembered fingers. As Ryōta searches for bandages, he thinks how Kiyoshi's injury and Himiko's kidnapping were his fault. He finds Himiko's phone which has a wallpaper of her and Miho in Btooom cosplay. When he sees the name, Himiko, he wonders if she's the one he married online. When Ryōta is about to leave, Kiyoshi cries to Ryōta that he doesn't want to be left alone. Ryōta assures him that he will be back while his nerves shakes as he abandons Kiyoshi who is need of help.

At Masashi's hideout, Masashi and Sōichi eat while Himiko yells at them to stop eating her food. Masashi grabs her to remind that this was his food which she has stolen. When Himiko asks him not to rape her, Masashi states he won't but he will torture her instead.

Suddenly, Masashi and Sōichi feel a radar as Ryōta approaches the compound.

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