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Vital statistics
Name Miho
Kanji ミホ
Gender Female
Age 15
Professional statistics
Occupation High school student
Hometown Moved away from Tokyo
Japanese VA Shiori Mikami
English VA Margaret McDonald
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Miho (ミホ, Miho) was Himiko's former close friend. After being subjected to rape by Seichiro Yoshioka and his band, she, along with Arisa and Yuki, nominated (propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award) Himiko to participate in the real-life Btooom! game.


Miho is a bespectacled teenage girl attending high school, and has a somewhat childish face. She is rather short for a girl of her age and often keeps her black hair in a bob, with a straight fringe.

She has so far only been seen in Himiko's flashback, wearing her high school's standard uniform: A white-collar shirt, with a small, green tartan-patterned tie, with a cross customized on it, and a short, tartan-patterned green skirt. (In the anime, however, all tartan-patterned clothing was rendered green.)


Miho is a sweet and playful girl who loved teasing Himiko. She is seen to have been rather close to Himiko, in comparison to Yuki and Arisa. It was also briefly mentioned of her harboring a love interest for Yoshioka Seichiro. After being subjected to rape by Yoshioka and his band, she loses her respect for Himiko and blames Himiko for the event, even deciding to nominate her as a show of her anger. Presumably, she had been traumatized from the event.


Miho is first seen discussing a strange nomination form sent to her yesterday with Himiko, Arisa and Yuki at a restaurant. She is later seen accompanying the three to Yoshioka Seichiro's house to meet him and his band. After Himiko leaves to retrieve snacks from a store, Miho is seen greeting Yoshioka. After Himiko returns, she is seen by Himiko being raped by one of Yoshioka's band members, with signs of physical abuse shown, and begs her to help her, which Himiko responds by abandoning her. After the situation was dealt legally, Miho moves out of Tokyo, presumably due to the traumatic event experienced. Much time after, she encounters Himiko on one rainy day and shows her the very same nomination (propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award) form before, telling her that she, Arisa and Yuki had agreed to make her disappear out of blame for their lives being ruined.[1]


  • Censorship and Rape Scene Alteration: Given the manga's graphic nature in rape, the anime has toned down Miho's rape scene and altered it. The manga has a man raping Miho behind a glass door with nudity shown. In the anime, the scene is dark and beatings of Miho are heard. She is seen reaching out from a dark and opened doorway while heard sobbing and begging for Himiko to help her. She is then dragged into the shadows.[2]


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