"In the end, a game's just a game." — Mikio Yanagida

Mikio Yanagida
Mikio Yanagida
Vital Statistics
Name Mikio Yanagida
Kanji 柳田 幹雄
Gender Male
Age 18
Blood Type A
Professional Statistics
Hometown Shizuoka
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased[1]
BIM Type Flame
Kill(s) 4
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Mikio Yanagida (AKA Torio) is one of the Btooom! players, and he always carries a camera with him.



Chapter 73 of the manga touchs a bit on Torio's previous history before we meet him.

Equipment and skills


Physical capabilities

Mikio Yanagida has average physical capabilities

Intellectual capabilities

Mikio Yanagida was a cunning manipulator and he was very good at making sure that no one was suspicious of him when Machiko was killed.


  • He is the only person to nominate himself on the real-life Btooom! game, unlike most people who were nominated by others.


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