Misako Hōjō
Misako Hojo
Vital Statistics
Name Misako Hōjō
Kanji 北条美沙子
Gender Female
Professional Statistics
Occupation No data
Btooom! Statistics
Status Deceased
BIM Type No data
Kill(s) No data
Japanese VA Mai Tōdō
English VA Brittany Deans
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"Y... You bastard... Ah..." — Misako Hōjō

Misako Hōjō (北条美沙子 Hōjō Misako) was a player in the real-life game of Btooom! She was killed by Nobutaka Oda while obtaining a supply case.


Misako Hōjō, whose name is only listed on the character file, bears both a dark skin complexion and black frizzy hair held up by a leopard-print bandana. Her attire consists of a maroon spaghetti strap top, white hot shorts, decorated heels and various jewelry consisting of various earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, which are worn on both her wrists and ankles. Like any player of the Btooom! game, she has an IC chip implanted in her left hand and carries a bandolier, which is worn on her waist.[1]


Misako's corpse

Misako Hōjō's corpse, as seen by Ryōta.

On the second day of the game, Misako is seen running to obtain a nearby parachuted supply case. Unbeknownst to her, her actions are watched by both Ryōta Sakamoto and Nobutaka. Since she was closer, she was able to obtain the supply case before Ryōta could. Shortly after obtaining the supply case, Misako is killed by an explosion. It is then revealed that Nobutaka had planted a remote-control BIM nearby before Misako's arrival and then detonated the BIM when she was in range. After Misako's death. Nobutaka obtains not only the supply case but also both her BIMs and IC chip. [2]


  • Her name is likely taken from the Hojo clan, a powerful clan during the Sengoku period.


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