Ocean Breeze
Chapter 21
Volume 3, Chapter 21
Title Ocean Breeze
Anime episodes Night of Sacrifice
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Sacrificial Night
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Ocean Breeze is the twentieth-first chapter of the Btooom manga.


Taira watches in horror as he fears Ryōta will abandon him and Himiko. Ryōta tosses a Blazing Gas BIM in the forest, and informs Taira to get to safety as he explains that the sea breeze is dispersing the gas and killing the lizards in its path. He mentions that he had Himiko press the button in order to use it. Himiko wakes up to discover everything's safe due to Ryōta's quick thinking.

Meanwhile at Tyrannos Japan, Gemu brings food for Īda. Īda debriefs Gemu about Ryōta's current situation as he gathers data on his group and rest of the players. Back on the island, Taira succumbs to his bite wound from earlier.

Chapter Notes

  • The tactical advantage of using the Blazing Gas BIM with the wind is mentioned in this chapter.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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