One Line
Chapter 22
Volume 3, Chapter 22
Title One Line
Anime episodes Night of Sacrifice
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One Line is the twentieth-second chapter of the Btooom manga.


While Himiko is on lookout, Ryōta reports that the lizards have retreated in the forest. When Himiko climbs down, the wind blows up her skirt. Himiko yells at Ryōta for looking underneath her skirt. Recalling that she had passed out yesterday, she asks Ryōta if he had done anything to strange back then. Taking Ryōta's flushed face into account, Himiko calls Ryōta a pervert and storms in anger. When Ryōta grabs Himiko's shoulder, Himiko fends Ryōta off as she remembers her bad experiences with Mitsuo who almost raped her. She tells Ryōta not to touch her. Up in the communications tower, Ryōta checks up on Taira's condition and helps Taira to recover. Last night, Ryōta recalls Taira's leg was swollen due to the bacteria from the komodo dragons' bite. With Taira in great pain and the lack of disinfectants, Ryōta quickly pours vodka on Taira's wound. Himiko could not help Taira because of her recent experiences with Mitsuo and men. Ryōta manages to persuade her to help by reminding her that Taira had protected her.

In the forest, Masashi kills a komodo dragon.

Chapter Notes

  • This is the 3rd day for the players on the island.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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