Chapter 13
Volume 2, Chapter 13
Title Overture
Anime episodes Attack
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The Bloody High School Girl

Overture is the thirteenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


While Taira and Ryōta eat instant ramen, Ryōta wonders how Kira is doing. Taken back by Ryōta's generosity, Taira thanks Ryōta with tears. Ryōta recalls that this is the first someone thanked him since he never made the effort to make contact with anyone in school. Meanwhile at Ryōta's home, Hisanobu comes home to find Yukie in the bathroom. Yukie attempted to commit suicide by silting her wrist and putting in the bathtub. Yukie states that she knew Hisanobu was laid off. She blames herself for nominating Ryōta.

Back on the Btooom Island, Ryōta and Taira see some smoke coming from the forest. Ryōta tells Taira to go out hide while he scout ahead. Before Ryōta sets off, he checks his BIMs. Suddenly, Akechi's corpse floats past the waterfall. Taira finds the body without any pants. Meanwhile, Hisanobu reads Yukie's suicide note and wonders what Yukie did to Ryōta.

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