Chapter 03
Volume 1, Chapter 3
Title Real
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Real is the third chapter of the Btooom manga.


As Ryōta snaps himself out, Yoshiaki takes more pills. Ryōta realizes his BIMs are types that count down like a clock while Yoshiaki's type of BIMs explode upon impact. Yoshiaki suspects Ryōta is hiding in the crevice, but he suspects his enemy is hiding in the thicket behind him. He decides to toss both BIMs at the locations. Ryōta makes a run for it and jumps into the sea. With Yoshiaki following him to cliff, he fails to notice the Timer BIM planted by Ryōta. The BIM explodes and rips apart Yoshiaki's body. Ryōta is horrified when he sees Yoshiaki's dismembered head sinking to the seafloor. Arriving on shore, Ryōta is still in shock over killing another human being.

Chapter Notes

  • Ryōta defeats Yoshiaki.

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