Remote Control BIM
Remote Control
Vital Statistics
Name Remote Control BIM
Kanji リモコン BIM
Btooom! Statistics
Known User(s) Nobutaka Oda

Masahito Date, Machiko Ono

General Use Ambushing
Destructive Power ★★☆☆☆
The Remote Control BIM is a BIM type bomb that is used in the online and real life game Btooom!.


The Remote Control BIM looks like a basic mine. It is round and flat. The switch is lit and located on top of the BIM. The bottom of the bomb is a suction cup, making it able to place the BIM on walls.


After activating the switch and setting the BIM in position, one will be able to use the remote detonator to set it off freely from another location. These BIM are all numbered, so one can press the corresponding number on the detonator and set off the BIM in question.

If strategically placed in an area where an opponent will go, it can be extremely effective. It is less effective when in close combat with another opponent. Using this BIM will put one at a disadvantage.



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