Sacrificial Night
Chapter 20
Volume 3, Chapter 20
Title Sacrificial Night
Anime episodes Night of Sacrifice
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Ocean Breeze

Sacrificial Night is the twentieth chapter of the Btooom manga.


As Ryōta carries Himiko, Taira leads the way and blasts any komodo dragons with his Homing BIM. Ryōta notes that the Homing BIM doesn't have much destructive power, and it's useless against a group of enemies. Taira apologizes to Ryōta for not trusting him enough, but he is thankful towards Ryōta for risking his life for him. Out of the woods, a sea breeze hits them. Taira and his group find an abandoned building. Behind them, a group of komodo dragons are in hot pursuit.

Reaching the ladder, Taira helps push Ryōta up since Ryōta still carries Himiko on his back. Suddenly, a large spider crawls on Ryōta's hand, causing Ryōta falls downs from the ladder. While Taira fends off the lizards with his stick, Ryōta attempts to climb the ladder, but he falls when the ladder breaks due to their weight. Out of frustration, Ryōta tries to wake up Himiko and loses faith in himself. He cries and contemplates whether this is his punishment. With a wicked smile, he climbs up the ladder. Taira looks in horror as he assumes Ryōta is abandoning him and that girl.

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