Survival (chapter)
Chapter 06
Volume 1, Chapter 6
Title Survival
Anime episodes Survival
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Survival is the sixth chapter of the Btooom manga.


With Ryōta bewildered by the conditions on getting off the island, Taira asks Ryōta if he wants to team up with him. Assuming that they have to kill 14 people, Ryōta asks Taira how he felt about the game. Taira states that he doesn't want to kill anyone and proposes to search for another way. Ryōta tells Taira that he will join on one condition, they need to show each other their BIMs. Taira explains that they should not reveal each other's trump cards, it will make them more tense. After thinking for a moment, Ryōta accepts Taira's invitation without showing each other their BIMs.

Then an airplane flies by. Ryōta and Taira spots a briefcase falling via parachute. The two rush towards to get the goods. Though, Ryōta scouts ahead and spots a young woman reaching the briefcase. Suddenly, the briefcase explodes. It turns out another man had planted a BIM. The man with the sunglasses takes the briefcase and the woman's BIM bag and IC Chip. Ryōta realizes that he could have been one dead if he had reach the case first.

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