Sweet Trap
Chapter 16
Volume 3, Chapter 16
Title Sweet Trap
Anime episodes Attack
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Sweet Trap is the sixteenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Ryōta tries to wake Himiko as he looks at Himiko's taser. He disarms Himiko to prevent her from attacking. Then, he gets tempted to look under Himiko's skirt, but he stops himself. He realizes that she was harassed sexually by the men she encountered. Himiko wakes up after having a nightmare about Mitsuo raping her. She is alarmed at Ryōta who is carrying her bridal style. Then, she grabs a Timer BIM that was hidden in her skirt's pockets. After trying to reassure her that he means no harm, Ryōta calmly deactivates the BIM. As Himiko cries, Ryōta sees that Himiko is quite troubled, and he wonders what had happened to Himiko earlier.

Later that night and by the campfire (located near the stream), Taira hands Himiko a warm cup of ramen. Taira tries to comfort Himiko that they won't do anything harmful to her and that they are trying to get off the island. Himiko replies that their efforts are futile and that they have nowhere to go back. She explains that their loved ones and others had nominate them to die on this island.

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