Take Action
Chapter 10
Volume 2, Chapter 10
Title Take Action
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Take Action is the tenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


While Ryōta thinks who is behind this sick game, he formulates a plan to take down Kira. Meanwhile, Kira recalls his father abusing him for playing video games and skipping school. Out in the forest, Kira detects Ryōta with his radar. Ryōta tries to figure out what BIMs does Kira have and finds Kira in front of him. When attempting to get behind Kira, Ryōta runs into Kira. Kira tosses a BIM at Ryōta. In the nick of time, Ryōta manages to roll away from the explosion. Ryōta realizes that Kira's tactics are mirroring his. Realizing Ryōta is a Btooom! player like himself, Kira relishes in his fight with Ryōta.

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