The Bloody High School Girl
Chapter 14
Volume 2, Chapter 14
Title The Bloody High School Girl
Anime episodes Attack
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The Bloody High School Girl is the fourteenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


As Ryōta makes his way past the waterfall, Taira pulls out Akechi's IC chip before hiding in the bushes. In the woods, Ryōta finds Isamu's corpse and almost throws up at the sight of the decaying body. After Ryōta snaps himself out, he uses his sonar to find the enemy, and he finds Himiko standing on a cliff nearby. Himiko throws a Blazing Gas BIM that unleashes a searing gas that dissolves a part of the forest. Ryōta flees from the forest only to walk into the open where Himiko planned to confront him. Ryōta notices Himiko has a lot of BIM bags on herself, and he attempts to surrender to convince her that he is not her enemy. Himiko deactivates her Cracker BIM. When Ryōta steps closer to Himiko, Himiko activates her BIM and yells out that he is like the other men. She throws her BIM at Ryōta.

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