The Boy
Chapter 07
Volume 2, Chapter 7
Title The Boy
Anime episodes Survival
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The Boy is the seventh chapter of the Btooom manga.


Sōichi finds Kōsuke killing so many frogs with a wooden stick. Kōsuke asks Sōichi why is it wrong to kill animals when humans kill cows and pigs to eat. Sōichi replies that there is a difference between killing for food and killing for fun. Kōsuke remarks that he wasn't bothering anyone and that adults explain things using simple ideas. Then, the two spot a briefcase dropping from the sky. Meanwhile, Ryōta tells Taira he is sorry and points to the dead woman's body. He explains that he could have ended up like the woman. When Ryōta wonders if it's worth risking one's live over food and talks about giving up, Taira gives Ryōta a pep talk. Taira states they have to accept it and fight to survive. When Taira mentions he used to be in the track & field team, Ryōta chuckles a bit. Taira is glad that Ryōta is all fired up. The two run down the hill towards the briefcase in the forest. Meanwhile, Yoshihisa, his son, and Sōichi search for the briefcase. Yoshihisa blames his son for ruining his life. When he spots his son grinning, he kicks his son in the gut. Sōichi tries to restrain Yoshihisa.

Half a year ago, Kōsuke rapes a deceased woman whom he murdered. The young boy escape home and robbed people when he ran out of money. He is charged for killing three women. During the trial, Sōichi successively reduce Kōsuke's sentence. The public is outraged by the court's ruling. As Kōsuke catches his breath, he kills his 101st frog by squeezing it to death.

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