The Hunted
Chapter 26
Volume 4, Chapter 26
Title The Hunted
Anime episodes Virtual Bride
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The Hunted is the twentieth-sixth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Ryōta returns to the fort where Himiko and Taira are concerned over Ryōta's well being. Ryōta states that his BIM was stolen while Himiko asks him if he was followed. Ryōta replies he took the long route to their hideout. Not believing Ryōta's words, Himiko decides to leave and take her stuff with her.

Suddenly, Masashi appears and jumps up the ladder and orders them not to move. Ryōta asks how Masashi was able to track him. Masashi explains that he had served in the army as a trained guerrilla for the French foreign legion. He looks over to Himiko and greets her and states that he knew she was here after noticing the same stun gun used by Ryōta. He asks Himiko if Akechi was with her. Himiko only sweats and shakes with terror in response to Masashi's questions. Masashi smiles and assumes Himiko had killed Akechi. Himiko replies she didn't do anything wrong nor does she knows about the chip. Ryōta threatens Masashi not to touch them. Masashi reminds Ryōta that the way to win is to survive and kill in order to collect 7 chips.

Ryōta argues that they should be in a balanced game not like this. He states he had worked for Tyrannos Japan as a bug tester and that the game should have bugs. Masashi unsheathes his knife and informs Ryōta that his coat is made of special rubber which the stun gun won't work on. He asks Ryōta how he would die: with or without a fight. Taira suddenly grabs Masashi from behind and yells to Ryōta to attack with the stun gun. However, Masashi throws and slams Taira on the ground. Masashi cuts off Taira's fingers off. In anger, Ryōta tries to grab Masashi only to be kicked off the fort. Thinking Ryōta had died in the cliff below, Masashi has Sōichi capture Himiko. Taira threatens to use his BIM against Masashi who tells Taira that he has no intention of killing him. Masashi is confident that Taira will die due to being injured. He runs off to join Sōichi.

Taira cries out over his inability to prevent things from happening like this.

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