The Hunter
Chapter 25
Volume 4, Chapter 25
Title The Hunter
Anime episodes Virtual Bride
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The Hunter is the twentieth-fifth chapter of the Btooom manga.


After Ryōta nearly dodges Masashi's attack, both Ryōta and Masashi duck into the cover of the forest. Catching his breath, Ryōta wonders why Masashi doesn't use a BIM, and when he uses his radar, he finds Masashi approaching his location quickly. As Ryōta attempts to run away from Masashi, he senses someone ahead of him and tries to go the other way. When he does that, Masashi ambushes him. Ryōta jumps off into an alcove but finds Masashi landing behind him.

Ryōta attempts to reason with Masashi as he threatens to throw his BIM at him. Masashi replies that he has nothing to gain if he teams up with Ryōta. Ryōta explains that he is gathering information in order to get off the island without killing anyone by using their strength. Masashi points out the flaws in Ryōta's plan as there is no clear solution of escape. When talks are useless, Ryōta threatens to use his BIM. Masashi points out Ryōta's hypocrisy.

Then, a Timer BIM is dropped behind Ryōta. Ryōta nearly dodges the explosion and sees Sōichi on a cliff nearby. Masashi strikes Ryōta moments later.

Back at the abandoned fort, Himeko and Taira hear an explosion in the forest. Taira wishes to his radar but knows that someone might discover them. As Sōichi drags Ryōta's body, he kicks Ryōta for being a hypocrite in proposing a peaceful solution due to possessing a lot of BIMs. Before Masashi could end Ryōta's life by a knife, Ryōta uses Himiko's taser and stunned Sōichi to get away.

Masashi explains that he let Ryōta escape because he knows Ryōta has companions. He wonders how many chips that they will obtain.

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