The Lure of Blood
Chapter 15
Volume 3, Chapter 15
Title The Lure of Blood
Anime episodes Attack
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The Lure of Blood is the fifteenth chapter of the Btooom manga.


Himiko regrets killing another person as she stares at the gas that is slowly dissipating. Though, Ryōta is still alive and charges at Himiko, but he misses her. Himiko takes out her taser and almost hits Ryōta. Ryōta dodges all of Himiko's attacks. At first, Ryōta thinks Himiko is a foreigner due to her blue eyes and blonde hair. To his surprise, Himiko replies to him in Japanese. Suddenly, Ryōta trips and falls on his back. Before Himiko could stun Ryōta, Ryōta kicks Himiko, causing her taser to hit the briefcase. As a result, Himiko stuns herself and loses consciousness. While Himiko's body falls on Ryōta, Ryōta feels awkward with Himiko's chest on top of him.

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