Chronicle of the key moments in the Btooom! series.

Events before Btooom! game

Time Event
2:45 AM Ryōta Sakamoto is playing the online game Btooom! in his room. He later scolds his mother and departs to a convinience store. Sakamoto playing Btooom in his room
3:21 PM Ryōta meets strange men at the convinience store and is kidnapped to participate in the real life Btooom!. Ryota meets strange men

Btooom! game

Day 1

Time Event
3:00 AM The Btooom! players are informed of the game by the Tyrannos Japan representative. Btooom! players on the plane
4:12 AM The Btooom! players jump out of the plane and land on the deserted island. Btooom! players jump out of plane
2:38 PM Sakamoto wakes up hanging from a tree. Sakamoto wakes up
3:06 PM Sakamoto reaches the shore and realizes he's on a deserted island. Sakamoto at the shore
8:11 PM Night has fallen and Sakamoto investigates his BIM, after which Yoshiaki Imagawa approaches. Imagawa approaches

Day 3

Time Event
??:?? While Himiko is on lookout, Ryōta reports that all komodo dragons are gone and checks on Taira's condition. Placeholder
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