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Timer BIM
Timer BIM.png
Vital Statistics
Name Timer BIM
Kanji タイマー BIM
Btooom! Statistics
Known User(s) Ryōta Sakamoto
Sōichi Natsume
General Use Useful for ambushing and luring tactics during battle.
Destructive Power ★★★★☆

The Timer BIM is a BIM type bomb that is used in both the online and real life game Btooom!.


The Timer BIM is not a normally designed bomb. Instead of round and easy to throw, the Timer BIM takes the form of a black cube. It has a rectangular screen on one of the sides that displays the seconds to detonation (from 10 to 0 in Seven-segment display). The switch is located on the edge of the cube, under the rectangular display screen.


After activation by pressing the switch, the monitor will display the number "10" and will decrease by one every second until it reaches "0", thereafter exploding. If one press the switch again before the timer runs out, you can pause (not reset) the timer. This is demonstrated when Soichi Natsume set his Timer BIMs to 3 seconds, allowing for a faster countdown before explosion [1].

When applying a certain amount of pressure on two points of the BIM, the cover is able to be taken off, revealing a clear liquid trapped on a glass container acting as the explosive material inside the BIM. In this way the damage caused by the Timer BIM multiplies. By using this technique, the BIM is able to avoid being disabled by Tyrannos Japan's safety lock system[2].



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