Status: Busy with Anime Vice and Magi Wikia. I can't work in the site as frequently. Might try to do bimonthly.

Status: (April 9, 2013) Since I'm busy with Magi Wikia and Anime Vice, I'm going to finish the episode summaries in the summer. Though, that means I have 3 commitments since Campione and Arcana Famiglia also copied my summaries. I hope no one else plagiarized in the future.  I'm Taka for short. I'm a wiki editor at Anime Vice, Giant Bomb, and a Sket Dance Admin. I'm here at Btooom Wikia to help out on the pages after a wiki editor here copied my work from the Btooom episode wiki pages from Anime Vice and pasted here.

As a wiki editor, I'm working here to promote both wiki communities and to uphold their standards, reputation, and rules. Each community covers information from a different angle. No wiki community is better than the other.

Check out the Btooom Anime Discussion thread at Btooom Wikia!

I thought I never watch an anime like Btooom! because I was a softie. Usually, I avoided anime with mature content. Somehow, I got curious about this show because of the psychological and human nature aspects. The anime remind me of Highschool of the Dead because when you are in survival mode, human nature turns ugly. They say an apocalypse or being isolated and left to die from the outside world brings out the best in a person. However, I say it brings out the worst. The anime's action and intensity thrills me, and I got hooked in it.

Personal Log

  • 11-23-12: Finish deleting plagiarism by Kingdayday. Rewrote summaries on Ep. 2 and 6. Whimsicaldreamer did the Virtual Bride summary. I wonder why he and others take information from external sources without asking for permission. Regardless, all wiki information must be original. Even I have to rewrite my summaries.
    • I have to visit other Wikia Communities that work on the same anime projects like I did.
  • 12-8-12: The Wikia communities have a magnetic attraction that Anime Vice lacks. There will be always wiki editors flocking here and contributing. It requires a group of passionate fans who can enforce the rules especially against vandalism. In Anime Vice, all wiki editors are moderated. This prevents spam, but it limits progress on wiki editing. The Wikia Communities grow slowly at first, but they reach an exponential growth and blooms. Once an anime ends, it slows down. This is what happened at Sket Dance Wikia. I'm seeing similar effects here.
  • July 28, 2013: Bereisgreat made me into an Admin for this community. I'm not the best wiki editor. Plus, I'm not up to date with the manga since I stopped at the anime. Right, I'm reading the manga, a chapter a week. Writing summaries to help refresh my memory.
  • June 23, 2015: Found a Btooom Wikia site in a different language. I don't know about their policies. When I check the translations, I was disturbed at how similar the chapter summaries. It's another case of plagiarism. I'm a bit tired of folks plagiarizing my teammates' work. Even if it's translated in another language, all work should be in your own words regardless of languages. I have a misunderstanding on the CC-BY- SA.
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