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Chapter 09
Volume 2, Chapter 9
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Best in the World is the ninth chapter of the Btooom manga.


As Ryōta and Taira make their way to the briefcase, Ryōta teaches Taira on how to use his IC Chips's radar. Ryōta notices one person running away. Then, he and Taira stumbled upon Kira who is standing near a bloody corpse. Ryōta realizes that the radar cannot track anyone who is standing still. When Ryōta asks Kira if he had killed that man, Kira replies with his father's words about how the strong survives. Ryōta tries to talk Kira out of it, but he cannot get through Kira. While Taira suggests that they should run, Kira takes his father's BIM case. Ryōta and Taira make a run for it, and they sense Kira's radar going through them. When Taira trips over a root and twists his ankle, Ryōta tells Taira to hide while he distracts Kira. Ryōta tells Taira to believe in him.

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