Yukie Sakamoto
Yukie Sakamoto
Vital statistics
Name Yukie Sakamoto
Kanji 坂本 幸江
Gender Female
Age N/A
Professional statistics
Occupation Housewife
Hometown Tokyo
Japanese VA Ayumi Kida
English VA Shelley Calene-Black
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Yukie Sakamoto is Ryōta Sakamoto's mother and Hisanobu Sakamoto's wife. She is responsible for Ryōta Sakamoto's nomination to the live-action Btooom! game. She later attempts to commit suicide, but is found by Hisanobu and later treated at a hospital where she is now unconscious.


A middle-aged woman with a stressful appearance. Yukie's dark brown hair is unkept and shriveled.


She is a hard-working mother who is concerned over her son and second husband. She is diagnosed with clinical depression, presumably in attribution to her strained relationship with Ryōta and Hisanobu.


Prior to the series, Yukie attempted to convince Ryōta to work instead of playing games and hoping for a career at Tyrannos Japan. When suggesting work at a relative's udon shop, Ryōta became outraged. She became troubled with Ryōta's relationship with Hisanobu after Ryōta punched Hisanobu after he removed the internet. Eventually, it is revealed that Yukie nominated Ryōta to "disappear," unaware that he is now a player of the live-action Btooom! game because of that.


After Ryōta has been on the island for a few days, Yukie attempts to commit suicide by slitting her wrists with a razor blade in the bathroom. However, Hisanobu finds her when he arrives home, covering her wounds with a towel, going to call an ambulance but stopping to listen to her confessions about nominating Ryōta. She knew her husband had been laid off his job, and she blames herself for letting Ryōta hurt Hisanobu. As she apologizes to both her son and husband, she passes out. [1]



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